What's this?

This service will save your Last.fm scrobbles, once a week. We'll keep them on our server, and you'll be able to download your scrobbles from us, in a format that you can import elsewhere.

I didn't get an email!

Right now, I'm not emailing anyone... we'll worry about that later. Right now, we're focusing on getting the scrobbles.

How are you doing this?

HTML form (above), saves your username and email address into a flat file. Once a week a cronjob grabs your scrobbles with our existing Python scripts and saves them to disk. Eventually I'll figure out emailing you from SendGrid.

I don't want to give you my email address

Use a Mailinator address if you want. Just don't forget it.

Who is behind this?

I'm Matt Lee (yes, my homepage really looks like that, here's some more proof), the creator of Libre.fm — currently Technical Lead at Creative Commons, and previously the Free Software Foundation. Follow me on Twitter @mattl, reddit as mattl or email me at mattl@gnu.org.

The data will be hosted on the Bytemark Cloud in York, UK.